Clinically Proven Neurotherapy Treatment & Chiropractic Rehabilitation

Whether you just suffered a sports injury, or are coping with chronic muscle and nerve issues, we can treat your pain and get you back moving again. At Sigma Q (ΣQ®) Clinic we’ve paired the Global Leader in Neurotherapy Treatment with Board Certified Sports Rehabilitation and Chiropractic professionals to offer an unparalleled pain recovery program in the Chicago area. Simply put – our patients have access to diagnostic and treatment services not found anywhere else. That’s the Sigma Q (ΣQ®) Clinic difference. From the moment you walk through the door, our team works to diagnose and connect you with the right treatment plan to end your muscle, bone, and joint pain. Patients see their progress in real-time using our special data driven analytic tools. Recover faster – Restore strength – Relieve pain. Contact our team for your consultation today.